Sharks N Things

A place for games and gamers


What is Sharks 'N' Things? 

Sharks 'N' Things (SNT from here on out) is a media company devoted to creating games and game related content. 

SNT is more then a saying dreamt up by an incredibly bored guy walking through the Target Toy Department. It is also more than the silly little dream he had that night when he got home. SNT is a culmination of everything geeky and gaming. It is where you are allowed to be you. The place where your imagination runs rampant, no idea is too stupid, and passions come to life. 

Now you might be thinking, "Self, what the h-e-double hockey sticks is he running on about?" Well SNT is our realization of a dream to make content for geeks, freaks, nerds, and gamers. So what does that all mean and what can you expect? Roleplaying podcasts, game development thoughts, 'Let's Play sessions', first impressions, and so much more. We are new to this, and it will not happen over night, but lets have fun. And remember: swim strong and swim deep. 

- The lead Fins, Kagaiodin and BlindOne